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Stone Espresso Machine

Manufactured in Milan, Italy, Stone Espresso is set to reinvent the coffee space.

Stone embodies what the world wants – efficiency, sustainability, and great coffee!

With a tiny footprint, Stone lends itself to any environment in more ways than one. Stone can be personalised to suit any space, with a range of coloured slab side panels that can changed over as a style or coffee nook does.

With a fast heat up time, Stone will be up to temperature 10 minutes after activation, to get coffee brewing quickly. The group head remains at a stable temperature, via an element and the newly designed heat exchange system that delivers a dry steam for beautifully textured milk.

While the footprint is small for optimal bench space,  it also uses 100% recyclable material including the packaging.


  • An espresso machine made in Milan, Italy with a tiny footprint

  • Efficient 10-minute heat up time

  • Ability to be personalised with 5 ‘slab’ side panels to choose from to suit any kitchen or coffee nook

  • Use of 100% recyclable material including the packaging

  • Vibrational Pump

  • Mechanical Thermal Control

  • Heat Exchange Boiler

  • Boiler Capacity 1.5L

  • Water Tank Capacity 1.2L

  • Wattage 1000W

  • Power 10A

  • Dimensions 225 x 440 x 355mm (w x d x h)

  • Unboxed Weight 20.5kg