the roastery

We are lucky to call the majestic Blue Mountains home. The ‘Blueys’, as they’re fondly know, have a climate that lends itself to a warm brew, and a stellar food-culture to match it.


paying homage

We are firmly defined by place, and to pay tribute we commissioned an illustration from the talented Beth Norling, and Blue Mountains local, of a vintage, hand drawn topopgraphic map of the mountains from east to west to adorn our bags and a wall of the roastery. Check her out as she scribes it my hand upon the wall here. And view the finished work here

our tribe

We work with a broad range of businesses and individuals. The important thing for us is that we share the passion for great coffee, because ultimately we’ll be sharing a lot – our bean and grind obsessions, more than a few brews, we’ll share our table, our stories and a tonne of laughs.

You can explore who’s already a part of our family here. It’s where you can either indulge in TLCC., grab some to take home, or both!

Drop us a line here to find out more about joining our tribe.


beth norling doing her thing

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