about the little coffee co.


we’re little but big

Big, like a little naked old man whistling a blissful tune while riding a penny-farthing down the hot-metal highway of modern man.

Big, like the after-burn of a hungry tongue dipped too deeply into the ancient pool of desire.

Big, like an oral orgy of overripe analogies of the word big.

We’re bean merchants, roasters, master toasters, coffee bishops, time-bandits, tasseographers, stimulators, life-givers, taste connoisseurs, hedonists, perfectionists,  shot junkies.

We are coffee.


A little bit about our special blend

We may be little, but our reach for the highest quality single origin bean that forms our decadent blend is long. So long, that every couple of years we pack our robes, decant disillusion, and make a pilgrimage to meet with small coffee farmers around the world in order to source the single-origin green beans that will later form our special blend. And it indeed becomes special – not just because it gets us out of the bloody country, or because we get excited about the end taste we’ll later savour – but because of the relationships we build with the farmers we meet – the people – who grow our beans in places such as Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Sumatra and Brazil.


tlc about1
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good times

The result is a blend that embodies friendships and good times like a favourite tune embraces fond memories and clears the head. It plays a rhythm upon the tongue, before building soulful, rich mid tones that hang around like a good friend at a party refusing to accept that it has ended.

a little magic

Upon returning to our shores we set about making a little magic. Usually this begins after a session of tasseography (the reading of coffee cup grounds), and if the reading is favourable towards making a little coffee magic we begin roasting our beans. On a occasions we sing a song worthy of the ancient ‘holy bean’ as we work, and a favourite of ours is a rocking 17th century ditty penned by none other than Johann Sebastian Bach (a coffee lover) called Schweigt Stille Plaudert Nicht (Coffee Cantata):

Ei! wie schmeckt der Coffee süße,
Lieblicher als tausend Küsse,
Milder als Muskatenwein.
Coffee, Coffee muss ich haben,
Und wenn jemand mich will laben,
Ach, so schenkt mir Coffee ein!


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our process, in (very) brief

It’s a joyous, meticulous process that draws on patience but the reward for the coffee lover is confirmed immediately by the otherworldly taste of the final blend. Rather than delving too deeply into the magic we’ll break it down for you into the following three easy spells…err steps:


Each single origin bean is worshipped then roasted to discover where the flavour is at it’s richest. Technically speaking, this is known as its “Sweet spot”. (And when we find it more singing ensues).


Each roasted batch is now tasted for consistency of flavour.


Finally, we blend all freshly roasted origins to create the ultimate, tongue-sighing profile.

tlcc process 1
tlcc process 2
tlcc process 3
tlcc process 4
tlcc process 5